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About Us

We believe in three principles when sourcing our teas: Organic, Healthy, Delicious.
Teas have been consumed for centuries, and we want teas to be enjoyed for many more. Organic means not only are our teas free from chemicals and preservatives, but also better for the environment its grown in. This results in traditional methods of growing and harvesting teas. A true partnership between nature and humans.
Despite tea being enjoyed for thousands of years, only recently has science confirmed that the ancients knew. There are incredible health benefits of tea and our passion is to share these with you. From green teas to white teas, steaming or pan-fired, first flush or second, there is always a tea for every occasion. Whether you are looking to switch away from coffee, or looking to add more nutrients into your diet - there is a tea for you.
Tea is popular due to one thing - it simply tastes great. None of this would matter otherwise, hence our uncompromising mission in sourcing the best tasting teas in the world. All our teas are whole leaf. We work closely with renowned tea estates that not only ensures the highest quality, but also allows us to minimise the time it takes to process the tea leaves, hence maximising the freshness and providing the best possible taste for you.
So join us on this journey to discover real tea, and experience a revelation.